Powerglide Transmission Cooler

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This Enemies Everywhere Powerglide Transmission Cooler pan and plate combo will ensure you keep your transmission at a consistent cool temperature, safe from overheating in most extreme cases. Through our research and development we have found it provides the largest temperature drop of any transmission cooler. The pan and plate design is very efficient in maximising heat dissipation, minimises loss of oil pressure and boiling of fluid.

Water flows around the pan in between the cooler plate and pan face, plumbing the cooler between ports can come from the cold side of the radiator, a stand alone small radiator or a remote tank such as an icebox. We have found the ice box works the best, in our tests we have discovered that this combo cools your transmission oil by an excess of 100°C when you’re on the return road after your pass on the drag strip. These coolers can provide many other benefits.

Technical Specifications:

  • Billet Plate with modified cast aluminium deep pan
  • O-ring to seal the plate to the pan
  • Assembly weight is 4kg
  • Dimensions: Length: 337mm, Width, 283mm, Height: 102mm (inside depth 77mm).
  • Great for drag and skid applications (high horsepower)
  • Works very well for cars will little break between races

Note: Results may vary depending what equipment you have, e.g. water pump, radiator, ice box etc. The plumbing needed depends which set up you require and is different for every application.