Billet 4340 Barra Oil Pump Gears

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This oil pump gear set replaces the standard gears, oil pump gears are prone to cracking and shattering from vibration and when put under high rpm applications. Our Pump gears are precision machined from 4340 billet steel.

Enemies Everywhere Barra billet oil pump gears are cerakote treated, benefits of ceramic coating it enables the reduction of friction, designed to reduce heat, which prolongs part life and it naturally frees available horsepower.  

These gears are drastically stronger than the standard gears which are prone to failure on modified vehicles. These gears have been proven under very harsh conditions & stress, tested on our high-power cars and positive feedback on customer cars, with no faults or weaknesses. Our sets are a must for your big horsepower cars, as you don’t want to run into huge engine damage and failure down the track when other oil pump gears shatter.